Travelling in the Safezone

Ross Andersen DC, ND ©2021

Electromagnetic Radiation Specialist-Live Blood Analyst/Instructor
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Mitigating Electromagnetic Radiation Exposure While You Are Not Home

This article is written for all who have become zoners, have protected their homes and live in an EMR sanctuary. You have educated yourself, protected your home, changed to a zoner lifestyle and have realized incredible health benefits and consciousness transformation in the process. Yes, there have been some minor inconveniences such as not using a cordless phone, using ethernet for your Internet, and extinguishing the electricity in your bedroom at night. The health benefits gained from these minor inconveniences is extraordinary. The cumulative nature of electromagnetic radiation exposure is currently one of the most disastrous health challenges we are facing.

In this Covidian age, it is still possible to travel. It is more difficult, but still possible and quarantining for two weeks is a viable alternative to staying home in the cold weather. So, you survived the plane ride by wearing a mask and conforming to the airline requirements. It wasn’t fun, but you’ve now made it to your destination. Now what? You’re going to be in a resort, hotel room, bed-and-breakfast or visiting at a friend’s home. It does not matter which of these is your destination, they are all going to have significant amounts of electromagnetic radiation which you would probably like to avoid. That will be the discussion of this article.

Hopefully by now, you have purchased a radiofrequency meter. The Safe and Sound Classic or the Safe and Sound Pro are both excellent choices at reasonable cost. They can be obtained from Make sure you mention that you are referred by Safezone. This meter will allow you to determine the safety levels in your accommodation. Locating the Wi-Fi router is a good idea. Some destinations will have a router in each room and that is advantageous. You can unplug it, turn it off or shield it. All of these are good ideas.

If the Wi-Fi router is not in your room, you have a bigger challenge. It is unlikely that you can turn it off if it is in the hallway or in another room where you are staying. Your only alternative is now to shield your body or the space that you are in. Hopefully, you are travelling with the Safezone sleeping bag or a Safezone bed canopy so that you can shield yourself while you are sleeping. Your sleeping space is one of your most important places as you will be spending many hours there and need to be in a protected environment. Sleep is when your brain regenerates, detoxifies and heals. It is also when your body heals as well.

Some hotels or resorts have cordless phones for the room phone. Unfortunately, these are extremely toxic and emit large amounts very high frequency radiation on a constant basis. The only way to correct this challenge is to unplug the cordless phone. Unfortunately, you will have to plug it in again if you wish to call the front desk or call for another reason. At the very minimum, you will want to unplug it before retiring for the night. If you’re lucky enough to have a wired phone in your room, count your blessings.

The next issue that we need to deal with would be the electric fields. Contained within these fields are dirty electricity frequencies and the electric fields generate body voltage which upsets the internal workings of the body. Electric fields emanate from all house wiring, receptacles and any device plugged into a receptacle. They travel between 6 and 8 feet and consequently they occupy all space inside a domicile.

Many resorts will have a circuit breaker panel in the closet of every room or suite. One of the first things I do when I arrive at my destination is to look for the circuit breaker panel. If one is present, I have control over the electric fields in my environment. I turn on a reading lamp on one of the bedside tables and find the circuit breaker that extinguishes the electricity in the wall plugs by the bed. This reduces the electric fields dramatically in the sleeping space and will allow for a much deeper, more restful sleep. I will have an electric field meter with me so that I can actually measure this. It is highly recommended that you pick up one of these from as reducing electric fields is highly beneficial.

If the head of the bed is on a wall adjoining another room, we may not have control of all the electrical wiring in that wall. When that is the case, I will measure the electric field at the foot of the bed and if it is significantly lower, I will reverse the bedding and sleep with my head at the foot of the bed instead of at the head by the wall. I have done this many a time, and it is highly beneficial in certain situations when travelling. I have even pulled the bed out from the wall at times as much as a couple of feet in order to reduce electric field where my head would be. One must get creative. One especially must get creative when the circuit breaker panel is not in your room. It is almost worth asking before you book a vacation, in order to ensure a safe environment while you are revitalizing.