Staying in the Safezone

Ross Andersen DC, ND ©2021

Electromagnetic Radiation Specialist-Live Blood Analyst/Instructor
Muscle Response Testing Practitioner-Wellness Wizard.

How to Strengthen Your Resistance to Electromagnetic Radiation Damage

It’s everywhere! We can no longer avoid it. We can move to the wilderness, up north and live in a log cabin with no plumbing or electricity and we will still be exposed. It is damaging our DNA as we speak. DNA is the most precious compound that we have. It is our blueprint of life.

Cancer and other diseases are at epidemic proportions and simply getting worse. Everything from autism through to Parkinson’s and other neurological diseases are becoming commonplace. It is almost impossible to find somebody who is completely healthy. If you think about your family and friends, almost everybody has a health challenge.

It is almost unheard of to die of old age anymore. They die of a disease. Most people are simply waiting for that disease to show up and then they fight it until they die. This is not a pretty scenario. Why is this happening?

The answer is partly because of an invisible toxin. That invisible toxin is electromagnetic radiation [EMR]. It comes in many forms and you cannot see it, smell it or taste it. Every single human being can feel it though. How do I know this? Because I get people telling me that they feel incredible when they go camping in the forest and sleep in their sleeping bag on the ground. The quality of sleep is completely different, and their mental capacities change dramatically when they are in the wilderness. Many can identify with this. Camping in a tent is highly recommended.

All of our urban environments are so electromagnetically polluted that it is difficult to be healthy. Every day I see people walking around with a smart phone glued to the side of their head talking to somebody who must be very important. It shocks me how many people do not know how dangerous these devices are.

The purpose of this article is to allow the reader to improve their health so that they can withstand the onslaught of wireless radiation that is simply getting more powerful every day. If we do not keep ourselves healthy, we will succumb to our DNA damage and develop a disease process that can dramatically affect our health in ways we would not desire. This is simply the reality of where we are at in 2021.

So, the big question is “how do we stay healthy?” Well, the answer is relatively simple. We simply must realize that there are only two causes of disease for the human body, unless one has genetic damage before birth, and that is a whole other issue that will be discussed in a separate article.

Cause number one is toxicity. Everybody knows that toxins are not good for us. Most people do not know what is actually toxic to the human body. It can be something ridiculously simple like your shampoo or your soap or your toothpaste. It might be your deodorant, your cologne, your makeup or the chemicals you are using to take care of your vehicle or clean your house. The list goes on and on and most people don’t take into account these brief exposures that can be so damaging. Even your dish detergent that you use in the kitchen can cause significant problems with your endocrine system, the glands that operate your body.

So how do we find out what is toxic? We study! We study more and then we study some more. We change our priorities by realizing that virtually everything we do has to be aimed at keeping ourselves healthy. We need to realize that there are so many things interfering with good health, that we need to be diligent all the time.

We can eliminate toxins from our diet, our lifestyle, our house and our businesses, however; what we cannot eliminate is the invisible toxin that is being transmitted wirelessly through the air to and through our bodies. We cannot escape it in this day and age because it is everywhere, and we have no control over it. What we do have control over, is our bodies and our immediate environment. The objective is to create a Safezone home, business, automobile and if at all possible, a Safezone attitude when we are out and about in society. I call people who achieve this Zoners. These are a new breed of people who fully understand the serious nature of electromagnetic pollution and how to avoid it.

This is not always simple but is achievable. The benefits are well worth it.

The second cause is nutritional deficiency. This is a very large topic. We are what we eat is a common saying these days. Actually, it goes much deeper than that. We are what we absorb and what our bodies can utilize. What we eat is important, but how our bodies utilize what we eat is even more important. Our modern diet is woefully deficient in many nutrients. The soils that our crops are grown on were depleted of their primary trace minerals a very long time ago. It is possible to replenish those minerals in the soil, but very few know how to do it and even fewer will actually take the time and effort to put the minerals back in the soil. I have grown a number of gardens on what I call “virgin soil”. This is when I remove the sod off of a yard, till up the soil that has never been used to grow a garden and plant my seeds. The productivity from a garden like this is remarkable for at least two years. After that, the productivity goes down as the soil is more depleted of nutrients and minerals. They can be replenished quite easily and that is a topic for another article.

The bottom line here is simple. Eat clean, organic food only, if at all possible. Plant a garden and grow your own food. Preserve as much as you can during the summer and fall so that you have excellent quality food during the winter. Slow down your eating and chew your food better. Do not drink liquids with meals. The only liquid that mixes with your food should be saliva, unless you have a small amount of wine with red or white meat. It tends to help digestion. Be careful, alcohol is a carcinogen. It is also very addictive.

Detoxify your body in whatever ways possible. There is a massive amount of information available on the Internet for how to do this. I will not go into methods here as that would be redundant.

Nutritional supplements are necessary in many cases as it is now difficult to get the nutrients from our diet. Nutritional supplements should be chosen carefully for their quality and for their ingredients. Some study may be necessary to figure out how to do this and what is good or not. It is well worth the effort to learn this.

All of these measures will help your body withstand the radiation factor that is now incredibly high and causing significant amounts of dysfunction and disease in humans and animals. You only get one body, take care of it.

Ross Andersen operates Safezone EMF consulting in West Kelowna British Columbia. This is the only full-service electromagnetic field evaluation service in the Okanogan Valley. Ross Andersen also performs live blood analysis to be able to see the damage caused by electromagnetic radiation in the blood. He is also a Wellness Wizard, utilizing unique approaches to finding the causal factors for people’s health challenges.