Radiation Damage Control

Radiofrequency and Electromagnetic (EMF-RF) Radiation Damage Control Using Nutritional Supplementation

Ross Andersen DC, ND, DO (MP)

Radiofrequency radiation and electromagnetic field pollution are now part of modern living. This is an inconvenient truth as are so many other threats to our daily health imposed upon us by the conveniences that we all love. We crave our gadgets and our entertainment and the incredible connectivity that all of this technology allows us. Isn’t it wonderful to have 800 friends on Facebook? It is now a well-established scientific fact that all of this technology is causing us significant health decline. One only has to delve into the scientific literature for a few minutes to understand that the threats are real and severe. Most of us live in complete denial of the possibility that there could be anything dangerous about the wonderful cell phone that we carry in our pocket or brassiere.

In order to protect ourselves we must use the tools that we have available to us. Protecting oneself from these toxic energies is not always possible. One can do many things in the home to limit their exposure, but when we leave home we are exposed no matter what we do or where we go. Diet and nutritional supplementation can be very effective in limiting the damage caused by modern day technology. In order to understand what nutritional supplements we would need to take, we need to understand the types of damage that these forms of radiation can inflict upon the human body. Nuclear radiation and electromagnetic radiation are similar in many ways, but there are significant differences in the effects that they may have on our health. We are seeing a huge increase in certain neurological diseases, brain cancer, certain tumors and many forms of immune system depletion and decline. Unfortunately, the health professions are not connecting the dots. Nor are they looking closely at the causative factors which exist with radiofrequency and electromagnetic radiation.

Sleep disorders, oxidative stress effects, DNA/RNA damage, neurological mineral imbalances, pineal gland imbalances, blood-brain barriers weakness, skin conditions and immune system malfunctions are at the top of the list of the many health challenges from wireless radiation that we are seeing at present. Let’s look at each of these and the nutritional supplementation that may be effective at decreasing the damage.

Sleep disorders and pineal gland imbalances are closely related. Recent research has found that the pineal gland perceives radiofrequency energy as light. Consequently those who use wireless technology later in the evening may have difficulty getting to sleep or staying asleep. Some may sleep, but not deeply. The best remedy of course is to stop using wireless technology in the evening; however, this is not always possible. For some people, taking 5-hydroxytryptophan and/or a small dose of melatonin might prove extremely helpful. Melatonin is also a powerful antioxidant and acts in this way against radiation stress.

Protecting the sleeping space is an absolute must for anyone with sleep disorders. A professional evaluation from an experienced consultant using the known standards for the factors affecting the sleeping space is highly recommended.

Oxidative stress is one of our biggest enemies today and is caused by wireless radiation. Definitive research has shown that radiofrequency and electromagnetic pollution are major causes. The results are inflammation, acceleration of the aging process, damage to the immune system and is involved in most disease processes. There is much that can be done with nutrition to fight back. Antioxidants are the answer; however, certain antioxidants are better than others against this form of pollution.

EMF stress has been shown to respond effectively to the antioxidants in the mushroom family. For some reason, mushrooms thrive in high EMF environments and consequently have high levels of protection for those who consume them. A mix of numerous mushrooms in one capsule is the best approach as one gets various benefits from each different type of mushroom.

R–Lipoic Acid is a very important nutritional supplement for a number of reasons. It crosses the blood brain barrier and also helps to remove heavy metals such as mercury. The removal of heavy metals is essential for people who are sensitive to EMF radiation as the heavy metals you harbor act as an antenna for the toxic energies. Mercury tends to collect in the brain and the last thing we need is a cell phone antenna inside our head. R–lipoic Acid is also a powerful antioxidant and as such can reduce the oxidative stress caused by E-rad. R–lipoic Acid is manufactured by our bodies and unfortunately the rate of production decreases as we age. It is wise to increase the dosage of this nutrient every couple of years or depending on the levels of exposure to wireless.

Resveratrol is a polyphenol compound with reported antioxidant and anticancer properties. Research studies have shown that this compound from red wine has RF protective effects in animal studies. It would take significantly more wine than one wishes to consume on a regular basis to get the amounts necessary to protect against radiation. Generally, one capsule contains the amount of Resveratrol found in more than 20 glasses of red wine. Strangely enough, Merlot has the highest level of resveratrol of all the red wines. With current levels of RF radiation one might be wise to add two capsules of this to their daily supplement regime.

NAC [N – Acetyl Cysteine] is a widely used amino acid nutritional supplement that is one of the building blocks of glutathione, one of the most powerful antioxidants created by the human body. Research has shown that it is protective against DNA breakage caused by radiation. Ionizing and nonionizing radiation cause similar damage to the DNA of cells. Adequate glutathione levels are absolutely necessary to protect us against all forms of radiation. The glutathione detoxification mechanisms are one of our primordial health maintenance gifts. This mechanism likely resulted from millions of years of exposure to simple things like smoke and dust. Unfortunately, this mechanism is easily overpowered as the level of toxic exposure we now have is hundreds of times what it was just a few centuries ago. NAC would be a good addition to any supplemental program, especially for urban city dwellers.

ACE stands for vitamins A, C and E. These are known as the Three Musketeers of antioxidant nutrition. They are of course found in virtually every multiple vitamin supplement ever produced. They are well known to have antioxidant, anticancer, and anti-inflammatory capabilities. The levels needed for protection against EMF effects are quite a bit higher than would be found in a multivitamin. Consulting a nutritional health professional to determine adequate dosages is usually a good idea.

Polyphenols are found in many foods, especially green leafy vegetables and green tea. They can also be taken in supplemental form. Plant polyphenols can protect human cells against radiation-induced DNA damage. This has been proven in numerous, peer-reviewed scientific studies. Unfortunately, polyphenols and their healthful properties can be destroyed by high temperature cooking. There are numerous advantages to eating a good portion of one’s diet as raw food.

Selenium is a wonderful mineral and when taken in small doses can have profound effects on things like allergies, immune system depletion and radiation damage, especially to the kidneys. Healthy kidneys are essential to healthy living and since they are a blood filtering organ they can be exposed to radiation that enters the body from any source. Kidneys are a very delicate organ and damage is usually irreparable. A small amount of selenium on a daily basis [200 mcg] is highly protective and highly advised. One must be careful with selenium as anything above 400 mcg for extended periods of time can be too much.

One’s diet can also have a profound effect on protecting from EMF–RF damage. Raw or lightly cooked foods high in antioxidant qualities would be wise dietary measures. Devitalized, highly cooked foods that contain large amounts of free radicals will only deplete the body’s ability to combat the damage from these forms of radiation. Cancer, neurological diseases and many other degenerative diseases are increasing exponentially as people’s immune systems are depleted and their defense mechanisms are worn down. We were designed for healthy, vital whole foods.

A healthy diet also consists of proper water intake. Our bodies are about 65% water by weight and it is the one compound that is the basis of virtually all life. There is water in certain places on our planet that is naturally antioxidant and alkaline. Inhabitants in areas where this water flows naturally are incredibly healthy and have amazing longevity. These benefits likely arise from the antioxidant quality of this water. This water is now available to anyone through the wonders of bio ceramic technology. It only makes sense to flood our bodies with antioxidant water molecules to negate the effects of EMF – RF at the cellular level.

The final word on protecting yourself with nutrition is that supplementation is not the final answer. Reducing or eliminating EMF-RF exposure is the only long term and logical solution. The damage is cumulative and the science results are now coming in that exposure for over ten years can be deadly. While you are working to reduce your exposure, a supplement program is highly recommended. For those who are exposed as part of their occupational duties it is essential to have as much protection as possible. This invisible toxic threat is real and we need to pay attention now.

Ross Andersen operates SafeZone EMF Consultants in Kelowna BC. He has been working in the EMF-RF protection field for 25 years and has helped hundreds escape EMF – RF radiation and damage.