Make Your Bed a SafeZone

Is Radio-frequency(RF) Radiation Part of a Larger Scheme?

Ross Andersen DC, ND, DO (MP)

Electromagnetic Wireless Radiation has now consumed virtually every square inch of our world. Electromagnetic radiation comes in many forms. Most people simply think of cell towers and Wi-Fi which emit radiofrequency(RF) radiation. It also consists of electric fields, magnetic fields, dirty electricity and light vibration smog. All of these have been shown to be very detrimental to human health and can be devastating for those that are electromagnetically sensitive.

Protecting one’s self from wireless electromagnetic radiation is an entirely new concept for many people. Wireless technology is now the norm for most households in urban North America. Cordless phones, wireless Internet, wireless baby monitors, smart televisions, smart meters, Bluetooth speakers and of course cell phones have become accepted as the way to communicate. It is sad to see four people sitting at a table in a restaurant texting each other. What has happened to looking into someone’s eyes and having a normal conversation?

Quality sleep is one of the most important components of a healthy lifestyle. This has been established by the scientific and medical communities as absolutely essential. During sleep we regenerate and our brains rebalance and detoxify so that our nervous system can direct the functions of our body. None of this happens effectively without enough sleep or quality sleep. In this day and age our sleep is being disrupted by an invisible toxin. That toxin is wireless radiation technology.

To get quality sleep we must have the proper production of a hormone called melatonin by our pineal gland. The pineal gland operates on the normal daily circadian rhythms of the suns light. Recent research has shown that the pineal gland not only responds to light but also to radio frequency radiation. This means that the pineal interprets RF radiation as light. We get tired at night when the sun goes down because there is less light. It is extremely common for people to have difficulty getting to sleep if they use a cordless or cell phone in the evening. Wi-Fi routers operate 24/7. More and more people are finding that they are waking up at two, three or four in the morning and having difficulties getting back to sleep. Not only that, sleep quality has severely diminished. Cell phones give a burst of RF radiation every 15 seconds or so when they are on standby. With the phone in the bedroom the brain is getting radiated on a consistent basis all night long. Sleep quality suffers and so does the wireless user. Ultimately, this can lead to numerous debilitating challenges. The first signs are fatigue, lack of drive, memory challenges, and the general malaise that so many people suffer and cannot explain. Personality changes, bipolar disorder, schizophrenic tendencies, challenges with memory and concentration as well as anger and depression can eventually result. The incidence of brain cancer, tumors and other neurological diseases has gone up dramatically following the increase in wireless technology. Just imagine the impact on society that this is having at present.

Detaching from gadget screens is highly beneficial for quality sleep. It has now been determined that blue light diminishes sleep quality and red light improves sleep quality. Smart phone, computer, television and tablet screens emit large amounts of blue light. Most of them even go to what is called a “blue screen” when they are confused. It could be called the “blue screen of insomnia”. If you watch television late into the evening, you can improve your sleep quality by increasing the red tint and decreasing the blue tint of your picture. Reading a book by candlelight or by incandescent light might be a better idea for an evening activity to promote quality sleep.

Removing the wireless in one’s home is much simpler than one might imagine. Wired phones are available at any electronics store. Having a cord on your telephone is a mild inconvenience compared to having one of the above health challenges. Hardwired Internet is incredibly simple. Simply get Ethernet cables connected to your computers. We are not going back to the Stone Age; we are only going back a decade or so. It is well worth protecting your brain. Going hardwired can be done for every single wireless technology available today except for of course the cell phone. Smart meters can be shielded so as to protect the dwelling and still communicate their necessary information. Cell towers and the cell phone itself are one of the most dangerous components of wireless technology. Extensive research has shown that long-term use is directly related to huge increases in brain cancer risk. The verdict is in.

There is an additional thing that must be done if one lives relatively close to a cell tower. Shielding the bedroom from radio frequency radiation is necessary through various techniques. The simplest, most portable and economical is to get a protective bed canopy. This looks like a mosquito net which would be used in the tropics but is also protective against radiofrequency energy. It is an absolute necessity for anyone living close to a cell tower. How close is to close? Studies show that anything closer than a kilometer is highly detrimental to human health. The only way to know how close is too close is to have professional evaluation of the amount of cell tower radiation entering the bedroom.

One other protection that is necessary for the bedroom is to turn off the electromagnetic fields that are being emitted from the wires in the walls and the devices on bedside tables. All house wiring emits electrical and magnetic fields and today these are far more toxic than they were 50 years ago. Our electricity is now filled with harmonic frequencies that are in dis-harmony with the frequencies of the human brain. Shutting off the electrical power to the bedroom at night has an amazing effect on sleep quality. It’s like camping at home.

Those who are creating a safe bedroom invariably find that the quality of their sleep is truly amazing. The changes in people’s lives are astounding. Virtually every aspect of their health improves including mental, physical and emotional. Create a SafeZone, get sleeping, get healthy and do it now!

Ross Andersen operates SafeZone EMF Consulting in Kelowna BC. He has been working in the EMF-RF protection field for 25 years and has helped hundreds escape EMF – RF radiation and damage.