How Toxic Frequencies Can Ruin Your Sex Life

Ross Andersen DC, ND ©2021

Electromagnetic Radiation Specialist-Live Blood Analyst/Instructor
Muscle Response Testing Practitioner-Wellness Wizard.


I had never had a problem getting an erection in my 69 years of life. At times in my younger years, I wished I could have fewer of them. Then a few weeks ago when I was staying over at a friend’s house, I wanted to make love with my amazing partner. I had already evaluated the home for radiofrequency radiation and the levels were extreme. Even though highly aroused, I did not rise to the occasion. WTF?

I also could not get to sleep and nor could she. This I know as a side effect of higher-level radiofrequency radiation from household wireless devices. I had experienced this before in hotels and other locations.

An airport hotel in Zürich Switzerland was the most obvious example. After attempting sleep for over three hours, I finally went to the lobby and asked the attendant behind the desk where the Wi-Fi router was in the hotel. His answer was that “there is one on every floor”. I asked where they were, and his reply was “it is in the room beside the elevator”. That room happened to be between my room and the elevator. The Wi-Fi router was on the other side of the wall from the head of my bed. To close perhaps!

My significant other was not as sensitive as I to radiofrequency radiation. She got to sleep, however; she felt quite terrible the next day and was in a seriously challenging mood. I have seen this before as a result of sleeping in EMF pollution. Realizing that I might not get to sleep at all, I decided to wrap my head in the shielding fabric that I had for exactly this situation. While spending 2 Weeks in Europe, one does not know what the accommodations will be like each night. EMF pollution is now endemic and exists virtually everywhere. Every situation is different and some worse than others. Just varying degrees of bad.

I wrapped my head in the material and left a little hole for my nose so that I could breathe. I was asleep in three minutes. I slept the rest of the night peacefully and into the morning. How profound is that?

Strangely enough, I had never tested my sexual functioning in a high EMF environment, until this most recent incident. Not the kind of test I wanted to fail. Embarrassing? Some things are good to fail at, like suicide! Nonetheless, I was intrigued, mystified and curious. I did wrap my head again and I got to sleep quite nicely once my cranium [brain] was protected.

Upon awakening in the morning, there was a burning question in my mind that needed to be answered. I would have to wait until I was home and could research the issue for the answers. What I learned was profound. Most of the research has been done on animals, but there is some human research available. Let’s first look at some of the animal studies.

The first one is titled Effects of exposure to a mobile phone on sexual behavior in adult male rabbit: an observational study. 18 male rabbits were divided into two groups. The first group was exposed to mobile phone radiation for eight hours per day for 12 weeks. The second group was not exposed. There were no differences in hormonal output sound between the two groups. The phones were kept on standby and consequently any radiation occurs as information is updated on a regular basis during the day. In the experiment, the mobile phones were attached to the underside of the cage floor. This brought them into close proximity with the reproductive organs of the rabbits. This is the same effect that carrying a phone will have on men who carry it in their front pocket. The proximity of the phone to the testicles is less than 2 inches in that case. The results in the exposed group were profound.

They ejaculated less frequently, they were more aggressive toward the females and they had significantly less sexual stamina. The main issue overall, was challenges with ejaculation. Ejaculation frequency dropped and they had visibly less sexual energy than the control group. The author’s conclusions were “However, we could show for the first time that exposure to the pulsed radiofrequency emitted by a conventional MP [mobile phone], which was kept on a standby position, could affect the sexual behavior in the rabbit. Results from this preliminary study should be corroborated in larger studies to have a detailed clue about the effect of MPs on male sexual behavior.”

Conclusions: Mobile phones decrease male sexual stamina and make it more difficult to orgasm and ejaculate. They also appear to increase male aggressiveness to some degree. The question now becomes, can we extrapolate these findings to the human population? That extrapolation is done on a regular basis in research. That is why we use rabbits, rats, mice, dogs, monkeys and pigs for research. We are all biological beings with DNA as our master program. We are all affected similarly as biological organisms.

Now let’s look at a study that compared men and women. It is titled Study of the Health of People Living in the Vicinity of Mobile Phone Base Stations: Influence of Distance and Sex. This study examined a multitude of symptoms experienced by men and women living close to a cell phone tower/base station. Most of the symptoms were significantly more frequent and more severe in women. One of the few symptoms evaluated in this study that was more prevalent in the male population, was decreased sex drive/libido. 18% of males and 12% of females reported lower sex drive. Virtually all the other symptoms evaluated, except for movement difficulties, were significantly more frequent and more severe in the female population.