How to Select an Electromagnetic Field Consultant

Ross Andersen DC, ND ©2021

Electromagnetic Radiation Specialist-Live Blood Analyst/Instructor
Muscle Response Testing Practitioner-Wellness Wizard.

So, you now know that there is a problem with electromagnetic radiation and that it is causing an epidemic of neurological diseases and cancer. You have discovered that it causes some problems directly but makes virtually any health problem worse. You have done your research and spent many hours reading, studying, comparing and learning about this drastic new epidemic. Not wanting you or your family to be victims of this, you have decided to hire someone to evaluate the electromagnetic radiation in your home. How do you know who to hire? That is the topic of this article. Who do you hire?

Anyone can buy a meter, watch some YouTube’s and decide they are an EMF consultant. There is no professional standard or licensing for this discipline. That is unfortunate, because there need to be some standards. Too many people are buying a meter, learning a little and deciding that they know enough to inspect someone’s home. The challenge with this is that they are leaving people unprotected. A meter can tell you some parameters, but not all. It takes numerous meters to do a full evaluation of all the parameters in a home or business.

The next question that people ask is “why should we do all the parameters?” “Why does it matter?” The answer to this is simple. Let’s compare with an auto mechanic. When you take your car in for an inspection, you want a complete inspection. You would like the brakes checked, the steering, the fuel system, the ignition system, the suspension and every other aspect of the vehicle. Why? Because every aspect of the vehicle is important for your family’s safety. It is the same with electromagnetic radiation. Every parameter is important, no matter how esoteric they may seem. These parameters can interact and create challenges that one single parameter could not. We are energetic beings and we run on energetic frequency. The frequencies of today’s electromagnetic pollution are many and varied. New frequencies are coming online regularly. Different frequencies can deharmonize to create specific effects on the body that one frequency could not. Nobody has ever researched the synergistic effects of different frequencies blending together. All we really know, is that we have epidemics of new diseases and a worsening of many others.

To choose an EMF consultant, you need to consider certain things. The first is education. There are two basic categories of education in the world of electromagnetic radiation consultancy. One of these is Building Biology. This discipline was started in Germany many years ago and has evolved into a very sophisticated educational program regarding all aspects of environmental home and business pollution. Building Biologists deal with electro magnetic radiation, mold and fungus infestations, household chemical exposure, and other aspects of home and business pollution as well.

The second discipline is that of Electromagnetic Radiation Consultants. These are people who have taken a different path in getting educated. There are courses available from numerous sources and some EMF consultants are self educated. It takes a great deal of time, experience and education to become a competent and proficient electromagnetic field radiation consultant. The author has spent thousands of hours studying, and thousands of hours in the field. I know other consultants who are extremely well educated and proficient.

The second thing to consider is experience. Everybody needs experience to get good at what they do. That is an obvious universal law. Sometimes there is a Catch-22 though. That would be “needing experience to get the job and needing the job to get experience” Having the right education allows for a much quicker learning curve with less experience, however; there are certain qualities necessary for the mindset of a good EMF consultant. There must be an analytical aspect with significant creativity. Every house is different, every business is different, every automobile, boat or recreational vehicle is different. There is no cookie-cutter procedure in this discipline. There is much to learn and much of it is learned through experience. Having inspected more than a thousand homes involves thousands of hours of dedicated work and research.

Another important aspect in choosing the right EMF consultant is communication. Do they communicate well, and do they communicate with their peers? An important aspect of EMF work is educating the public. Inspections need to be highly educational and interactive to be effective at transferring the knowledge necessary so that others can spread the word. Good communication skills are mandatory. It helps to have the “gift of gab”. The client should be thoroughly involved in the inspection.

Sharing findings from inspections with others in the profession is essential. That is how we learn, from other’s mistakes and successes. Attending conferences and seminars is essential. The field is expanding rapidly, and things are changing on a daily basis. One needs to keep abreast of all the new developments and advancements in the technologies of evaluation and mitigation. It takes daily study to keep up with the progress of electromagnetic field consultancy. Much can be learned online, but certain aspects of EMF work need to be learned “hands on”. Having the support of others in the profession is highly beneficial. Being an EMF Consultant/Building Biologist can be somewhat lonely as there are not that many practicing in this field.

Another very important aspect in choosing an EMF consultant is their equipment. One cannot do a good job without good equipment. It’s like that in sports, construction, healthcare practice and pretty well every profession. One needs the best equipment to do the best job. The initial investment for state-of-the-art equipment can be substantial. Many people buy their own meters but knowing how to interpret what the meters are saying is another story. Knowing what to do when one finds an electromagnetic field disturbance is something that one learns through education and experience. The author has proprietary methods for shielding smartmeters, smart water meters and the new smart gas meters. It takes some research and creativity to design shielding and reflective devices for these meters. These shielding methods can then be shared with others in the profession. Everybody wins through this approach. A good EMF consultant communicates with his cohorts on a regular basis.

Safezone is currently testing some of the most common lower end meters. The established benchmark for meter accuracy, reliability and ease-of-use for many of the parameters of EMF pollution is the Gigahertz company out of Germany. Naturally, the meters are expensive, and they are worth every penny. They are the benchmark to which other meters need to be compared. Many of the lower end meters do not measure up to the standards of Gigahertz. Buying a meter off Amazon or eBay is not necessarily going to give you the accuracy that you deserve. Many clients already have purchased a meter before their inspection. In comparing the readings from Gigahertz to most of these meters, significant inaccuracies are frequently noticed. One needs to be able to believe that the readings are true and indicative of the actual EMR levels. One needs to find a reliable vendor that can be trusted to supply only the top-tier meters. Safe Living Technologies Out of Guelph, Ontario, Canada is one of the top suppliers of evaluation and remediation supplies. Their website at is educational, informative, easy to navigate and state-of-the-art. The customer service is unparalleled in quality, as is their selection. They supply North America and beyond, and only stock the highest-quality products.

Selecting an EMF consultant can be a challenging process. One needs to wade through the swamp of the unqualified, uneducated and inexperienced to come out and find that right consultant who will get your family as safe as is possible in this modern age of wireless toxicity. Education, experience, communication abilities and equipment quality are all parameters that need to be included in the selection process.

Ross Andersen operates Safezone EMF Consulting in West Kelowna, British Columbia. This is the only full-service electromagnetic field evaluation service in the Okanogan Valley. Ross Andersen also performs live blood analysis to be able to see the damage caused by electromagnetic radiation in the blood. He is also a Wellness Wizard, utilizing unique approaches to finding the causal factors for people’s health challenges and directing them on the right path to wellness.