Exposure of RF and EMF Radiation

Is Radio-frequency(RF) Radiation Part of a Larger Scheme?

Ross Andersen DC, ND, DO (MP)

The two big questions are: how has big telecom become the largest industry on the planet and why are government safety standards so out of touch with scientific reality?

The answers are actually quite simple. The industry and our governments are in collusion to get everybody wireless for all their communications and entertainment. Industry benefits from government regulations or lack thereof and the government benefits on a financial level from the proliferation of the wireless technology industry. They are in bed together and have been since the inception of this technology. For decades it has been known by our governments and the scientific community at large that this technology has damaging effects on human health. Wireless homo-sapiens are presently the largest radiation experiment that mankind has ever undertaken. The challenge with this experiment is that the results will likely be disastrous and ultimately lead to massive health decline and economic downfall.

As with any form of radiation, the ultimate results may not be seen for many years and generations into the future. We are currently seeing only the tip of the iceberg as neurological diseases; cancer and certain tumors have increased tenfold or more over the last 20 years. We have a whole generation of young men who are carrying radiation emitting devices in the front pocket of their pants in close proximity to their reproductive organs. A whole new industry called Fertility Medicine has emerged partly due to the challenges that young men are facing with their ability to reproduce. Women too are affected as are the unborn children that are exposed to radiofrequency radiation constantly while they are growing and developing inside the expectant mother. If drinking and smoking are totally forbidden for pregnant women in this day and age, why is it that they are allowed incredible exposure levels of RF and electro-magnetic radiation that causes so much damage?

As one looks at the long-term implications of the current situation one cannot help but wonder why the precautionary principle has not been invoked in regards to radiofrequency pollution. The precautionary principle has evolved from the ancient medical principle of “first, do no harm” to apply to institutions and institutional decision-making processes rather than individuals. The precautionary principle denotes a duty to prevent harm, when it is within our power to do so, even when all the evidence is not in. Only a few countries and small groups of people are invoking this principle. It appears that as with tobacco, greed is ruling the day when it comes to big telecom. Is it possible that we are sacrificing our future for the greed of the industry and the addiction of most of the public to their gadgets and conveniences? Those of us that are left in 150 years will likely look back and say “what the bleep were we thinking?”

There is one other possibility that seriously needs to be considered. Is it possible that the proliferation of radiofrequency technology and the damage that it causes are part of an intention to reduce the level of health and even perhaps shorten the lives of a large segment of the world’s population? Most people would find this question impossible to consider, however when one looks back in history one finds numerous examples of diabolical acts committed against our populations by the very governments that are supposed to protect us. All one has to do is to read the United Nations agenda 21 to understand that this is a distinct possibility. http://sustainabledevelopment.un.org/content/documents/Agenda21.pdf

It seems obvious that our governments and the telecom industry are not going to protect us. It is up to each individual protect themselves, their family and friends and communities. Education is the first step to understanding the threats we are facing. The Internet is a wonderful place to start with huge amounts of valuable, verifiable information. There are numerous, highly credible books written by authoritative scientists on the topic that should be considered in the educational process. These resources will give you the tools necessary to take effective measures to reduce exposure and limit the liability from EMF – RF, the plague the 21st century.

Ross Andersen operates SafeZone EMF Consulting in Kelowna BC. He has been working in the EMF-RF protection field for 25 years and has helped hundreds escape EMF – RF radiation.