EMF Biohacking

An Effective New Strategy for Improved Health and Longevity

Ross Andersen DC, ND, DO (MP)

EMF Consultant-Osteopathic Practitioner-Live Blood Analyst.

If you truly want to have better health and live longer, then EMF Bio Hacking is a strategy you might want to have a serious look at. In order to understand what EMF Biohacking is, we first need to know what Biohacking is. Biohacking in Wikipedia is defined as: a social movement in which individuals and organizations pursue biology and life science with tools equivalent to those of professional labs. The tools in this case consist of precise measurement meters for determining exposure levels to different forms of EMF and the knowledge about different devices that are producing the damaging EMF radiation that is causing so much disease, disability and death in our day and age.

A new disorder called EHS or Electromagnetic Hyper-Sensitivity has recently arisen in our society in a small segment of the population. Initially it was about 5% of people who were showing symptoms of EHS, but this has now grown to 30% today. Many people do not know they are EHS and simply endure the symptoms, wondering why they are not feeling well. Experts estimate that by 2017, which is only a year away, that approximately 50% of the North American population will be showing signs and symptoms of Electromagnetic Hyper-Sensitivity.

Electromagnetic field radiation (EMF) comes in many forms. It is all wireless. Wireless simply means that it travels through the air without wires. This is the very nature of electromagnetic radiation of all kinds. Most people do not know that wireless radiation comes in many forms, including of course, the radio frequency fields that we know are emitting from our phones and the towers that they communicate with. New cell towers are going up in urban centres every month. Existing towers are being added to with new emitters.

Another form of wireless radiation that is causing significant health challenges are electrical fields emanating from the wiring and devices in our homes. These electrical fields can be composed of frequencies that are simply not supposed to be there. All of our devices in this day and age need power supplies in order to make them run power supplies create toxic frequencies which emanate in the electric fields and expose us to frequencies that can be debilitating and disabling. This is the concept is that of Dirty Electricity, which in the world of EMF consulting, is also known as EMI/electromagnetic interference.

Body Voltage is the actual measurement of the amount of electrical energy passing through somebody as they sleep in their bed or sit at their computer workstation. Electrical potentials of up to 10 Volts are seen in certain severe situations. People exposed to these electric fields in their sleeping space have major insomnia challenges and if the situation is not corrected, their immune system can be disabled on a permanent basis. This can lead to a whole array of health challenges.

Magnetic Fields are caused to a lesser extent with the electric fields but are also caused by errors in home wiring and exist in homes and businesses that are close to electrical transmission wires. Magnetic fields have been linked to severe neurological problems and leukemia by epidemiological studies for many years. It is well known that people who work for electrical power companies will not buy a home that is within a kilometre of high tension power lines. Once magnetic fields have been found they are generally easily corrected. Electricians who understand these concepts are employed to come in and correct the false in the wiring that caused the problem in the first place. People living close to high tension power lines or electrical transmission facilities need to have a serious look at whether or not the electric and magnetic fields they are being exposed to are something they wish to continue with. What do Hydro workers know that we don’t?

Another form of electromagnetic radiation that can be toxic is light. Visible light is electromagnetic radiation that we can see. There are two types of light. Natural light comes from the sun, candles, fires and lamps which burn natural fuel. Once upon a time there was nothing but natural light. When homes were electrified we instantly got artificial light. Artificial simply means not produced by nature. Artificial light is pulsed. Light from the sun is not pulsed. Pulsed light is pulsed at frequencies which can be severely irritating to the nervous system in certain people. Various forms of light appliances produce different pulsations at different frequencies. Compact fluorescent light bulbs [CFL] have their own transformer in order to create the electrical characteristics needed by the fluorescent to whether it be a long fluorescent or a short coiled fluorescent. Most people find fluorescent light very irritating as there is an obvious flicker rate which is not comfortable to read or work in. LED light fixtures run on direct current. The electricity running in our walls is alternating current and must be transformed into direct-current in order to operate the LED fixture. This transformation involves a transformer which creates its own frequencies that can be measured in the light. Some LED bulbs have a very clean light signature and others have highly irritating flicker rates that can cause anything from headaches to fatigue and even worse neurological challenges.

The first step in EMF Biohacking is to find out exposure levels. One can wing it, assume that they are being exposed to numerous forms of EMF and take measures to reduce exposures, however; getting a professional evaluation by an EMF Consultant actually gives verifiable, measurable proof of exposure levels and Biohacking solutions that makes sense to reduce exposures and improve health. A good EMF consultant forms a team relationship with the client in order to sort out the challenges involved in EMF exposures. This is not always a simple process. Sometimes it is a process of elimination and cumulative measures are needed in order to get the best results. The EMF biohacking team can consist of the consultant, electricians, contractors who do things like painting or window film and in many cases IT technicians who can work to eradicate wireless systems from homes and make sure all computer and electronic components are hardwired. Some homeowners are quite capable of doing all this, but many are not and need the assistance of a Biohacking team.

EMF Biohacking is a radical new approach which is rapidly gaining popularity and acceptance by those who understand the dangers of our modern technological environment. Our current exposure levels are a mass experiment and we are the guinea pigs and lab rats. The hard science says that the results of this experiment will not end well. EMF Biohacking is one way to make sure that we lab rats can live a long and healthy life and still use modern technology.