Electropollution and Electro-Smog

Ross Andersen DC, ND, DO (MP)

EMF Consultant-Osteopathic Practitioner-Live Blood Analyst.

These two terms mean the same thing. Most people know smog as air pollution which can be seen or smelled.  We know is that and nobody wants to breath it. place There is another type of pollution that cannot be seen, smelled or felt by many people. It is the presence of electrically produced energy forms that travel through the air from a number of different sources.

The most severe form of electro-smog comes from radio frequency antennas; however, many other sources exist including Wi-Fi routers, cordless phones, and many of the electrical installations in people’s homes. The worst sources of electropollution are Cell phone towers and the Smart Meter grid. These energies are only blocked by metal and concrete so they penetrate most people’s houses, workplaces and of course permeate the outside in virtually all urban areas. This form of invisible pollution can be extremely toxic and can have devastating effects on many people.

More and more people every day are becoming sensitive to this form of pollution. We are all constantly exposed to these invisible energies that our bodies were not necessarily designed for. Our bodies operate on very low frequency electrical energy. The extremely high frequencies that our bodies are now being exposed to are interpreted as an assault by our natural defense mechanisms. Our bodies go into their natural protective mechanisms and our stress levels increased dramatically.

We might go for years without noticing detrimental effects and then one day we face a health challenge whose cause seems difficult to find. All of these energies are very new to humans on earth and the scientific research is now confirming that our bodies do not do well with exposure to electropollution. The amount of scientific evidence showing the detrimental effects on people’s health is now overwhelming and people are just starting to realize that we are now in a challenging situation because of the massive amount of electropollution we are exposed to on a daily basis.

Doctors and patients rarely connect the exposure to these energies with a health challenges that people are ending up with. People who realize this cause of their health challenges and consequently dramatically reduce their exposure to these energies inevitably see dramatic improvements in their health. A new profession of environmental consultants specializing in electropollution has recently emerged to help people deal with this sometimes obscure challenge. With highly sophisticated equipment these professionals are able to determine the location and amount of electropollution that people are being exposed to in their homes and workplaces and allow people to take measures to reduce their exposure and perhaps reverse the detrimental effects that have already occurred.

Some corrective measures are simple while others may be somewhat more complicated. Inevitably these measures are all beneficial. The single most important place in one’s home is where we sleep. We spend between six and a hours doing our best to get peaceful rest. If our sleeping space is invaded by electropollution, which is usually the case, it is impossible for our bodies to heal and regenerate the way they should during that wonderful time of sleep.

Children especially need to have their sleeping space protected from all forms of electropollution.