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Ross Andersen DC, ND, DO (MP)

EMF Consultant-Osteopathic Practitioner-Live Blood Analyst.

How to Book an Appointment for a Safezone Inspection.

At the present time, booking an appointment for an inspection of a residence, business, automobile, recreational vehicle or boat must be done by phone call. Safezone is not currently set up for online booking, but that will be possible in the future. Inspections take a minimum of four hours and consequently,  with two inspectors, this means Safezone can do two inspections per day. Both inspectors are busy and bookings are currently at least a week in the future. A deposit of $200 CAD is necessary to secure a booking. Booking is first come first serve and Safezone services a large area.

Telephone consultations are charged at $300 per hour, or $200 per half hour. The minimum charge for a scheduled telephone consultation is $200.

All telephone consultations with either Ross or with Garth require payment in advance to secure your consultation at the required date/time. These can be either via E-Transfer (Please supply the secret question/answer in your email) or via PayPal/Credit Card.

We travel as far north as Kamloops and its northern vicinity. We travel as far south as the United States border and on occasion we will travel east or west to do inspections. A Safezone inspector can also travel to faraway cities if there are significant numbers of inspections to be performed. The inspector can stay for a number of days in such a location to accommodate a group who wish to have home inspections.

As Safezone has one of the most comprehensive EMF inspections available in Canada, the demand for the Safezone protocol is increasing. Time is of the essence as the damage from EMF pollution is cumulative. Waiting is not wise. Reducing exposure as soon as possible is the safest option.

If you have any questions, please call Ross Andersen at 778–214–3444 or Garth Grando at 250-215-1646 and leave a message if you do not get through, as we will return your call at our earliest availability.