5G is here and we do need to have significant
concern over this new technology.
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Electrical Pollution is Hurting You, Your Family and Your Employees

SafeZone EMF Radiation Inspection Will:

Detect sources of electro-pollution and electro-smog in your home or office.
Help you develop an action plan to protect your family, your employees, yourself.


  • 5G cellular and Wi-Fi.
  • Radio frequency pollution.
  • Smartmeter output.
  • Cordless phones & cell towers.
  • Dirty electricity levels.
  • AC magnetic / electric fields.
  • Automobile EMF.
  • Sleeping space safety.
  • Neighborhood influences.
  • Wiring / grounding issues.
  • Plumbing currents.


  • Water Meter.
  • Smartmeter shielding.
  • Protective clothing and devices.
  • Protective wall paint & window films.
  • Bed canopies and curtain fabrics.
  • Demand switches.
  • Rewiring for safe sleeping.
  • Dirty electricity filtration.
  • Backup electrical systems.
  • Grounding corrections.
  • Health care referrals.
  • Protective nutritional products.


  • Reduced EMF stress levels.
  • Faster recovery from illness.
  • Increased mental clarity and memory.
  • Improved concentration.
  • Better athletic performance.
  • Improved sleep.
  • Reduced carbon footprint.
  • Lower electric bills.
  • Increased property value.
  • Increased energy efficiency.
  • Life harmony and balance.

What We Do

We evaluate your home or office according to “The Standard”* set by the Institute of Building Biology. We prepare a report that helps you form an action plan to resolve any issues found during testing. If your electrical system is not performing efficiently, a specially trained and licensed electrician and/or I.T. specialist will determine what needs to be done, and then resolve it.

*“The Standard” is founded on the Precautionary Principle, and based on 2000 peer-reviewed and published scientific studies (BioInitiative Report www.bioinitiative.org). It recognizes harmful biological effects at levels far below, and therefore safer, than those set by present North American health standards.

Have your home or offices inspected to ensure a safe living environment.

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